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Reorder Patent Awards

Reorder Patent Awards

Ordering another patent award just like your others, only for a new patent? Use our reorder process to ensure you choose the exact same product type and materials that you ordered before. All you need to do is update the patent number and inventors name(s) needed on the award and your ready to complete your order. Refer to the instructions and screenshots below to see exactly how the reorder process works.

Step 1

Login to your account – Click the LOGIN link located in the top right of the website.

Enter your username (email) and password previously setup when you ordered last.

Click the MY ACCOUNT link located in the top right of the website once you’ve logged in. You should see your past orders listed similar to the image below.

Patent Awards Recent Orders

Step 2

If you have multiple orders, find the one you would like to reorder from, and click the View Order/Reorder Button to the right of it.

You will see a screen similar to the one below, click the Reorder button in the top right in the Repeat Order box.

Patent Awards Repeat Order

Step 3

You will see a screen similar to the one below. You can now go through each product and change the Inventor name(s), Patent Number, and whether you want the Assignee name listed or not. Since you are reordering from that previous order, the product type and material choices will be exactly the same as before. As you make changes to each product if applicable, click Save Changes directly below the text you're editing. Do this for each product you make changes to.

Reorder Patent Plaque

Once complete and you have saved your changes (important!), click the red CHECKOUT NOW button in the bottom right. Or click the PayPal Check out button if you wish to use PayPal to checkout. From here on you will proceed through our normal checkout process which you completed during your previous orders. Or, if you need to add additional patent awards to your order, simply click the Keep Shopping button.

Patent Awards Reorder

If you have any questions about the reorder process feel free to contact us.


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