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The values that Patent Awards has today all started with an inventor who wanted better patent recognition.

John Hand was an inventor and worked with inventors. Every time he and or his colleagues would receive a patent plaque he would notice the little things--the text or metal was ever so slightly crooked or the text was not very clear or the metal was not securely affixed to the wood. It just did not reflect the patent achievement as he would have liked.

As a natural inventor at heart he began to think of ways that he would make a plaque differently. The award should reflect the accomplishment--it can't be just thrown together. It should be handcrafted-the materials individually chosen for their quality. Only the best products and processes will do to reflect the achievement. He started to test templates to ensure the metal and the text were straight. He started asking questions on other methods to permanently adhere metal to wood and text to metal. Then one day, John realized he had all of the puzzle pieces to make a better award. Now he just had to put the puzzle together...and with time and a lot of persistence a high quality plaque was born (one that better reflects the patent achievement)!

In 1993, John Hand decided that he wanted to start a company--a company that would raise the standards in the patent awards industry. One of the first things John Hand did was hire someone to help him market the company that you know as Patent Awards. That someone was John Capps, who is CEO and owner today. Now, over 25 years later John and Susan Capps still carry the values and beliefs that started with an inventor who wanted better patent recognition.

A Statement from the owners:

Our desire is for Patent Awards to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. The objective of this desire is to create a sustainable business and a stable work place with steady sales growth. This means we strive to create a great working atmosphere where we have fun while doing the work required to meet our customers' expectations of service, quality, and value.

By creating a great place to work, people enjoy working here. We have a competitive pay and benefits package. Both of these mean that we have low turnover. As a result, the individuals on our Team are the best at what they do. Happy Team members who are allowed to do their jobs make sure that our customers are taken care of.

When you become a Patent Awards customer, you soon begin to see, hear and understand that we are different. We listen to you. We pay attention to the details that matter to you. We are interested in you as a person. Our Team makes you feel good because they feel good.

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