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What Is Integrated Customer Service?

Integrated Customer Service means

  • Hassle Free Ordering
  • Risk Free Purchasing
  • Consistently Positive Experiences Every Single Time You Order.

  • For Example...

    Integrated Customer Service BEFORE you order:

    Have a question? Many questions can be answered in our FAQ or Gift Buyer's FAQ section. If you don't find your answer in the FAQ's, all customer care specialists are knowledgeable in Intellectual Property Basics. Call us at 1-800-707-0011 between 8-5 EST, Monday thru Friday. The phone will be answered before the 3rd ring AND you get to talk to a REAL person. Need us to search for a patent or trademark? We are happy to perform any search without any obligations to buy. Do you have a question after hours? Don't worry, just leave a message and you will receive a call back the next business day. Prefer email? Email us and you will hear from us in 24 business hours.

    Integrated Customer Service when you are ordering:

    All you need to place an order is your patent or registration number. Not sure what to order? Can't find what you want online? Call or email a customer care specialist and they will ask you a couple of questions to find the best product for you. Not sure what material combination you ordered the last time? That's okay! We have record of all of your orders and would be happy to look it up for you. Did you accidentally select the wrong material combination? No problem! Your customer care specialist automatically looks for previous orders and will contact you with any differences in material combinations or the spelling of the inventor's name.

    Integrated Customer Service when creating your plaque or frame:

    As your plaque or frame is created we check it at least 3 times by 3 different people. We look for typographical errors in your name and in the patent or trademark title. Although we are certainly not experts in what you had patented or trademarked, we are trained to catch USPTO typographical errors before your order leaves our building. Once the artwork is correct, we hand select the metal and solid wood materials for your plaque or frame. Then handcraft your order taking extra care to ensure the words and the metal is straight and permanently adhered. Concerned how the text will look? Artists are trained to lay out your patent or trademark information for the best presentation. It is not uncommon for an artist to contact you with suggestions on how to make the final presentation of your plaque or frame better. Click here to see how the Patent Awards Team goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Did you know that we use a patented process created by an inventor who believed that it could be done better? Click here to read about Patent Awards.

    All of our artwork & products come with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

    Integrated Customer Service when shipping your plaque or frame:

    We have created custom boxes for your plaques so that your order arrives safely without the hassle of peanuts or bubble wrap AND allows you to see your plaque as soon as you open the box. Each frame is packaged with extra care to ensure a safe delivery and arrives with a level and a beehive hanger to make hanging easy.

    You will receive an email notification that will include your UPS tracking information the exact day your order ships. If you have any questions or concerns after your order has shipped, please let us know. We are happy to help!

    The Bottom Line: Integrated Customer Service is where customer service is built into every aspect of creating your plaque or frame. We enter, design, and assemble your plaque or frame with as much care and concern as if we were making it for ourselves.


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